Family Worship Center
FWC Vision

Family Worship Center attemps to effectively minister and servein many different ways; from foreign missions to community events, but everything we do comes out of our vision.

Purpose Statement:  We exist to bring people into life-changing fellowship, responsible membership, Christ-like maturity, and effective ministry.

Motto:  "Building God's Family by Showing God's Love"
Building God's Family - The Great Commission - Matthew 28:19-20
Showing God's Love - The Great Commandment - Matthew 22:37-39


God has called us into life changing fellowship. This means communion, close friendship, and sharing things in common.
first base
Membership is the process of becoming an official part of the church body of beleivers
in its various functions.
second base
God’s plan for you is to grow in Christian maturity, pursring a spiritual life
in God’s presence.
third base

We all hope to fulfill a greater purpose in life, one bigger than ourselves. In love, we should hope to help others. This is ministry.

home plate

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