Family Worship Center
What Does FWC Have For My Family?

Family Worship Center offers many different programs that minister to the entire family.  From expert nursey care and children's church to youth concerts and young adult activities.  FWC has Sunday morning and Wednesday night services that appeal to all age groups.

Nursery:  You will feel safe leaving your children in the hands of our nursery staff.  We have a state of the art pager system for security that will allow you to enjoy the service with peace of mind.

Kid's Ministries:  Our workers are full of fun and energy as we minister and teach children biblical truth.  We have two weekly children's services as well as events throughout the year.

Student Ministries:  FWC has a heart for teens and a devoted volunteer staff working hard to help youth grow in their walk with God. The teenagers meet as a group to worship and fellowship every Wednesday night.

Young Adults:  After high school graduation it can sometimes be hard to find out where you fit into the church. FWC has eliminated that question.  With a growing group of young adults, you will never wonder if you belong.

Small Groups:  We have a philosophy of large group worship on Sundays and small group fellowship during the week.  Join in and get involved!  We have a large variety of groups for you to choose from.

Bible Studies:  FamIly Worship Center desires that you dig deep into your faith, providing you with biblically based studies throughout the year. Some topics include couples, specific books of the Bible and Christian worldview.

Women's Ministries:  Our ladies schedule trips, go to conventions, and fellowship throughout the entire year.  If you enjoy scrapbooking, painting, quilting, or just fellowshiping with other women, this is the place for you.

Men's Ministries:  FWC plans annual missions trips to help other churches throughout the country.  Men from the church meet to fellowship as they learn from each other and grow into the spiritual leaders of their homes. 

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