Inspire Kids
What is Inspire Kids?

Inspire Kids is the brand new ministry at Family Worship Center designed just for children and their families.  We are different from other ministries and churches in the area, because we Invest, Influence, and Inspire!

Our team of volunteers and staff work hard and Invest both their time and efforts into seeing that the children of today mature into awesome young men and women of God!

We reflect positive character values, like honesty and respect, so every child walks through the door into an environment without any negative Influences!

We teach the children right from wrong, just like any church would, but we go the extra mile.  We don't just show children what's right and what's wrong and hope that they choose wisely.  We Inspire every child and fill them with a desire to want to make the right choice each and every day!

We feel that if we Invest, Influence, and Inspire the children of today, they will grow up into young men and women who will Impact Their World!