F5 Student Ministries
What is F5?

F5 is a ministry at Family Worship Center designed for Jr. and Sr. High Students. We set ourselves apart from other ministries and churches, because we focus on making a connection with each and every student.

F5 was created to give students a place to grow in their faith while engaging with other teens. We believe that students who live a life that involves God will draw others into a life that follows Christ.

We strive to create an atmosphere of community through various events and activities. We plan retreats, attend concerts, and participate in volunteer work; all while showing the character of Christ to everyone we meet.

Our team of volunteers and staff work hard and devote their time to show how everyday believers are to live out their faith at home, school, and work. We want to show students the importance of a relationship with Christ and help them mature into young men and women of God who will Impact Their World!