F5 Student Ministries
What Does F5 Have to Offer?

F5 offers many different programs and ministries that serve the community.  From drama and worship teams to media editing and sound crew.  F5 consistently meets every Wednesday night for the F5 Worship Service.

Drama Team: A cast of teenagers regularly present various forms of drama within the church and community. There are so many ways to participate, from script writing and set design to acting center stage.

Worship Team: F5 is always looking for teens who are interested in joining the band. If you like to sing or play an instrument, this might be the place for you. We are also willing to teach for those who are interesting in learning.

Community Outreach: We serve the community by helping out those in need. We schedule regular activities to shovel snow, rake leaves, mow lawns, as well as other various service opportunities.

Media Ministries: F5 invests time and effort into making ministry more media driven. If you are interested in operating camera equipment, working on a sound board, or editing video you will love F5 Media Ministries.

Fund Raisers: Nothing is free and because of that we have a team of volunteers who help plan and run various fund raisers throughout the year to make sure we have every opportunity to go to concerts and retreat.

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