F5 Student Ministries
What Does F5 Believe?

F5 is a Ministry of Family Worship Center, which is a Bible believing church. While we believe basically the same as all Christian churches, there are some important highlights we believe as part of the Assemblies of God.

First, we believe it is important for everyone to have a personal communication with God. We emphasize more on relationship and less on religion. At F5, we relate to each student and help them learn how to have a consistent, long lasting relationship with God, through worship and prayer.

F5 Student Ministries and Family Worship Center have a detailed list of beliefs that can be found on the i-fwc.com website or the Assemblies of God website. 

All students at F5 are taught how to be part of the body of Christ by being involved in ministry opportunities. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of one of our ministry teams as well as taking part in missions or service projects throughout the year. We believe it is important to help prepare our next generation of Christian leaders.